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Ship Chartering & Broking


EQUATOR MARITIME is one of the leading, fast growing companies that offers shipping solutions to its clients covering entire range of services including land and ocean transportation. Our reputation for efficiency and expertise is driven by our leadership in innovation.


Shipping Services.


  • Sale & purchase of ships.
  • Broking & Chartering of vessels.
  • Ship Building.
  • Demolition of ships.



We provide specialized services for our Indian and Foreign principals and cater to their specialized needs. .


Ship Chartering Services

We operate charter services as agents to ship owners for a specified period both for own cargo or for cargo owners. By using a charter party, we record the exact rate, duration and terms agreed between us and the ship owner. Our charter services cover the following types of charters:


Dry Cargo Chartering :

Our Dry cargo desk operator provide for cargo and tonnages of small to large size in India and overseas and deals in all type of dry cargo & vessels.


Tanker Chartering :

With huge movement of petroleum and Specialized products, there is need to Cater different segment of tanker markets, the tanker division deals in clean, dirty and specialized products.


Time & Voyage Charters :

We support with experience team on time charters and provide relevant and timely support to our clients in carrying out time Charter services.


Sale, Purchase & Demolition :

We provide assistance to our clients in purchase, sale or demolition of ships. We also provide services in process of Sale & purchase of new Building or second hand tonnages or sale of existing tonnage.


Welcome to the Equator Maritime